Our programme team

The core programme team comprises our professional services and teaching staff with varied academic and professional backgrounds and extensive experience in higher education.

Core Team


Job Title


Dr Nynke Halbesma Master of Public Health Programme Co-Director View profile
Dr Neneh Rowa-Dewar Master of Public Health Programme Co-Director View profile
Katy Reid Programme Administrator  
Dr Fiona Dobbie Senior Lecturer View profile
Dr Steph Grohmann Teaching Fellow View profile
Dr Polly Golding Teaching Fellow View profile
Magda Mekky Teaching Fellow View profile
Dr Evgeniya Plotnikova Teaching Fellow View profile
Dr Emily Weiss  Teaching Fellow  
Dr Maram Zahraa Teaching Fellow  
Dr Samuel Hoare Teaching Fellow View profile

Course Organisers

Name Job Title Profile
Dr Ruth McQuillan


View profile
Dr Liz Grant

Master of Public Health Programme Co-Director (Global NCD strand)

Assistant Principal Global Health

Director, Global Health Academy

View profile
Dr Niall Anderson

Master of Public Health Programme Director, (On-campus)

MSc Epidemiology Deputy Director

Senior Lecturer in Medical Statistics

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Jay Evans

Regional Director for Asia, Medic Mobile View profile
Dr Selena Gleadow Ware Consultant Psychiatrist  
Dr Evropi Theodoratou Senior Research Fellow View profile
Dr Caroline Jackson

Chancellor's Fellow

MSc Epidemiology Programme Director

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Marshall Dozier Academic Support Librarian View profile
Dr Helinor Johnston Associate Professor, Heriot Watt University View profile
Prof Damien McElvenny Principal Epidemiologist, Institute of Occupational Medicine View profile
Ladeisha Bhide