Students working with the SPECTRUM consortium

MPH student involvement in SPECTRUM projects both involving extracting data from a wide range of literature.

Shaping public health polices to reduce inequalities and harm (SPECTRUM)

Students from the Master in Public Health have contributed to projects as part of the SPECTRUM consortium:  These projects involve extracting data from a wide range of qualitative and quantitative literature from peer-reviewed literature and grey literature. 

In voluntary roles the students were responsible for critically examining and appraising each piece of literature, and ensuring the data extraction frameworks were completed appropriately.  One project has involved students working on conducting data extraction for a series of rapid reviews on evaluations of obesity-related interventions.  The reviews involved the students extracting data from a range of literature which then informed the rapid review reports.  Another project recently worked on data extraction for a multi-organisation project examining public health research interactions with commercial actors.     

The work they have undertaken has been fundamental in ensuring the project was successfully completed on time, especially with very tight deadlines.

Dr Lauren Elsie White
SPECTRUM Research Fellow

Student Volunteers

Yasmine Benylles, Hayley Dunlop, Lara Goodwin, Katarina Jackson, Sinead Plant, Shona Simmons and Chris Tracey.


SPECTRUM is a multi-university, multi-agency research consortium focused on the commercial determinants of health and health inequalities funded by the UK Prevention Research Partnership

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