Fees and funding

Options for studying with us include a postgraduate certificate, diploma, or a one-off course, each of which come with different fees.

Fee examples and finance helpline

Our online public health programme has annual fees. The estimated fees for September 2024 entry are: 

Award name Study mode Estimated fees for September 2024 entry
Masters (3 years) Part time £19,100 (£6,370 per year)
Postgraduate Diploma (2 years) ​Part time £12,735 (£6,370 per year)
Postgraduate Certificate (1 year) Part time £6,370
Postgraduate Professional Development
  • Part time
  • Intermittent
  • 10-credit block = £1,065
  • 20-credit block = £2,125

From 2023-24 tuition fees for new entrants will be fixed for the duration of their programme. If you joined us from August 2023 onwards and you are studying for a degree or qualification that will take more than one year to complete, the fee charged will be fixed at the level charged on the year of entry. 

More information about fee-paying can be found here, including a finance helpline where you can ask about specifics for your payment.

Link to more information on tuition and intermittent fee options

Link to finance helpline

Scholarships and bursaries

The University of Edinburgh offers a small number of scholarships to outstanding candidates. These are very competitive. We publish data on the success rate for scholarship applications to help you understand the level of demand.

Link to more information on scholarship application success rates

Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships (CSC) are available for candidates from certain Commonwealth countries who would like to undertake part-time, distance learning on postgraduate programmes offered at Universities in the UK. CSC Scholarships are now closed for 2023 applications. 

Additional Funding and Scholarships

Additional funding and scholarships available can be found at the following link:

Link to more information about funding for prospective postgraduates