Our students

 Our graduates come from diverse backgrounds and bring a wide range of professional knowledge and expertise to enhance the experience of everyone on the programme. Many are mid-career professionals, juggling their studies alongside jobs and family responsibilities. Browse the stories of our amazing students who committed to taking the next step in their careers.


What students say about our programme

Mariam Hassan

"The course outline for each module and the superb faculty provided in-depth understanding of the core concepts needed for ethical conduct of high-quality research. The programme structure provided an invaluable opportunity to developing a deeper understanding of the clinical trials life cycle from its conception and design to its conduct, analysis and reporting. The resources shared with us as part of the curriculum have remained a source for guidance for me in my later work as well."

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Ida Amir

"I undertook the 3-year online programme while undergoing my surgical training and juggling family life. The programme was very well organised and managed, and delivered in virtual-friendly environment, which made it feasible for me in terms of time commitment - I could easily fit in Moodle classroom after work or after my children have gone to bed! Just like a traditional face-to-face degree, I had a dedicated supervisor who supported and guided me through the entire course. Furthermore, the programme attracts students from all over the world and from various related career backgrounds that made the online group meetings very interesting, exciting and sociable, despite our time differences! I always looked forward to the meetings and while we only ever met online, I truly felt part of the group."

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Sofia Chowdhury

"I believe that a Clinical Trials programme with one of the world’s renowned universities is a perfect opportunity to combine my medical and commercial backgrounds. As a mother of two young children, I highly appreciate the chance to study online at my own pace, and the ability to learn remotely has recently become one of the key qualities valued by employers in today’s pandemic environment. I think the best part of this programme is its interactive and vibrant atmosphere. In addition to professionalism, enthusiasm, and passion in delivering this programme, the overwhelming level of support from our tutors (experienced clinical research professionals), administrators and peers provided an exceptional learning experience. Even statistics modules - the common area of frustration for many students - were much easier to ‘digest’ due to real-life examples, hands-on experience with statistical programmes and continuous support, especially around assignment submission dates."

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I have gained so much from hearing about different practices from around the world

NL: Research Technician, Canada

the online discussions were an invaluable part of the course

FC: Laboratory Manager, Edinburgh

The focus on clinical practice is an advantage of this course

AH: Cardiologist,  Greece

You can work full-time in clinical trials or a clinical background and study for this degree. I personally feel that studying with the University of Edinburgh has been the best experience for me

AM: Specialist Research Nurse, England

The group work was really useful. I felt I got to know the students

GS: MRC Research Nurse, Gambia

as English is not my first language I found that whenever a concept is difficult to understand, I was able to re-watch lectures and review online notes at my convenience

TS: Medical officer, Malaysia